Rates & Fees

Note that our fees depend upon what we do and, in particular, how much time is spent – so we need to have a good idea of what you want. We can only give an exact quote when

(a) we’ve seen the document and
(b) you’ve specified your requirements.

For theses and dissertations we usually charge 15c per word for a light edit and 22c a word for a substantive edit. A typical master’s dissertation will cost between R2 000 and R5 000 dependent upon the time taken and what we do. A thesis will, of course, be a bit more. Rates may be more or less than those quoted above dependent upon quality of writing.

Reference checking, formatting and layout are all extras which many people prefer us to do. Here again we need to see your work before we can quote.

 How we calculate fees:

  1. We strip out any work which is not subject to edit – e.g. tables.
  2. Proofreading and editing: We edit some of your pages and compare the time spent doing these pages with our standard of R250  per hour and rate accordingly. Students qualify for a discount of up to 50%.
  3. Checking references and citations depends on the number and the extent of the detail. Many corrections require greater cost. If asked to quote for this service we will only respond after sight of your department/colleges written instructions on citations.
  4. General layout and compliance with the overseeing institute’s requirements. This is time based – the more time taken , the more we charge.

Payment terms can be made available where a student does not immediately have the cash to pay for the editing. This may be subject to guarantees.

English not your home language?
We specialise in this area and will quote you for rewriting as much as is necessary to bring your paper into line. We only charge for work read and alterations made.

What our work usually entails
We often quote a ‘standard’ fee per word (or page) for proofreading, editing and associated services required to make your paper as presentable as possible – including:

  1. Proofreading your document, including revisions required;
  2. Ensure that your use of language has all the right nuances;
  3. Assist in the presentation of your various submissions to ensure they carry maximum weight;
  4. Ensure that your style requirements are complied with;
  5. Check the continuity of typefaces etc. throughout the document;
  6. If your supervisor requires revisions we’ll do whatever is necessary, and
  7. anything else to ensure that your submissions are accepted.

Its always advisable to email us your work so we can ascertain exactly what you need and quote you accordingly.

Our policy is to request 50% up-front as a deposit to establish the contract. This is based upon the estimated cost of the document. The document is produced in protected Adobe for the student/clients approval (and of course changes) and is released upon final payment. Any document that will take 5 days or less requires a 100% upfront payment.


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