English not your First Language?

We specialise in people who do not have English as their first language.  We go through your work carefully and correct the grammar, wording and phrasing to put your thoughts into proper academic format.

Sometimes we may have to rephrase virtually the whole document. This particularly applies to the introductory chapter and the literature review. If you supervisor has made comments we’ll correct the work to comply with the comments.

Once your supervisor has re-read your corrected work we will then make any further corrections requested.

Our goal is to ensure that you pass – and our clients do have a high pass rate.


It is not unusual to find that, where English is not the first language of the student, some wording does not make sense and we cannot understand what the student means. In such cases we ask to student to clarify by:

  1. Sending us a few sentences stating her/his exact meaning, and/or
  2. email us copies of his/her reference source for that particular item

Please don’t be offended if we do this – its better to have absolute clarity so we can present your work in the best light.